moving… again?

Eighteen years ago I came to this country not knowing that I would stay this long. The trip was supposed to be an opportunity for the future if we, my brothers and sister, would wanted to come back and look for a better life.  It was another opportunity for me since we were strangers to one another.  I had different expectations of how that would come out from the actual way it did but that’s a whole different story. This is more about the places I’ve been and the ones yet I have to experience.  Once again I contemplate the option of moving to a new neighborhood. Not that I hate my current one; but it just that there isn’t anything around me that might even feel that I could have as an option.  I have learned to love my place and now that I’m getting used to its quietness; but I get bored of the area since it is nonexistent.  I wonder if this says something about my personality or if there are any hidden messages to it that I need to tell my psychologist.  

Since I came here I can say that I have move probably more than ten times and it might be and indication for the history I have looking for “home”.  That special place where you build something, not necessarily a building, but an actual home that you learn to love and care for.  I still feel incomplete on the sense that no matter how many times I move to either better place or neighborhood yet still don’t feel like home.  That feeling by be there for a while; but quickly disappear.  I like my place but there’s something about the area that scream at me “get out”.  Since I have a couple of months to really make up my mind; I’m going to look around and see if there’s any area that I might want to move to.  I know for sure that I want to live alone even though sometimes I contemplate the idea of having a roommate; but I feel I’m too old of that; but loneliness is a bitch and roommate since to be the cure for it.  Who knows, maybe I’m lucky and find something near where some of my friends lives and can use that as an excuse to turn up at their doorsteps once that loneliness comes and since financially I’m doing a bit better financially, I might be able to afford it a better neighborhood.